Your birth photos are more than just a snapshot in time. So much more. It was through birth photography and videography that I learned more about childbirth and my own body than I’d been taught by my parents, my friends, in school, and at doctor’s appointments combined. Birth imagery was the single most influential thing on my own birth experiences, and I am so grateful for that. I mean it when I say this is such important work.

I feel I’m best suited for the families who want to share their stories — woman to woman, mother to child. I’m for those who want to see their own strength through a different set of eyes. I’m for the spouses who view pregnancy, birth, and their pregnant partners with the reverence they deserve. I’m for the body-positive, the sex-positive, the advocates. I’m for future generations that deserve systems better than those we have now.

I partner with families who know that they have more options than most of us are often presented, that they have agency over their own bodies, and that their birth experiences can and should be guided by them.

I hope I’m the one for you.


Pre-consultation (in-person, or by phone, email, or video chat)

On-call 24/7 from 38 weeks until the time of delivery

Time spent with you during active labor and up to one hour after the birth

60+ photographer-chosen, print-ready images in high resolution, hand-edited and delivered via digital download


*Add a leather photo album for $300

Birth Video

Add a beautiful 1 minute video to any package for just $200.